Snake bites model, dies of silicone poisoning

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Israeli B-list model and actress, Orit Fox, whose claim to fame is reportedly having the biggest breasts in the Middle East, was playfully fondling a boa constrictor during an appearance on an Israeli radio show in Tel Aviv when things suddenly took an unexpected turn.

Between the red-and-white-striped dress, which made her look like a candy cane, and Fox's french-kissing attempt, the snake, seen in Spanish TV channel Telecino's footage, must have got worked up because, in a Biblical twist in which the serpent was foiled by its own temptation, it suddenly shot in and clamped down on her left boob. An assistant with a classy "De Puta Madre 69" shirt then rushes in and extricates the amorous reptile from the surgically-enhanced breast. Fox was taken to a local hospital where she received a tetanus shot, but the snake wasn't so lucky. It died of silicone poisoning. I doubt even PETA could have seen this one coming, and Hugo Chavez will probably use it as ammunition in his campaign against breast implants.