“Social Media Sobriety Test” makes it harder to drunkenly embarrass yourself on Facebook

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Super-drunk people are annoying IRL. They repeat themselves ad infinitum, confess things that make you uncomfortable, and, in rare instances, vomit in your bed. Thankfully you can avoid the drunkest people you know by simply not hanging out with them. But until now, you were powerless to avoid drunk people posting on social-networking sites (or the flipside, getting drunk yourself and posting things you regret).  

Software company Webroot has developed a solution, a Firefox plug-in that won't let you post on social-media pages late at night without passing a sobriety test. The app makes you complete tests, like swerving your mouse through dexterity mazes — the online equivalent of that thing the cops do with a flashlight in your eyes. Gmail released a similar program a few years ago, Gmail Goggles, which asks you to answer math problems. 

To use Webroot's app, simply tell it what hours you’re most likely to be drunkenly trying to access your ex-girlfriend’s Facebook page, and it will automatically require you to pass the test before logging on. If and when you fail, the app automatically posts, “Kelly is too intoxicated to post right now."  You're still alerting the whole world that you're drunk, but at least you're prevented from really letting loose.