Sorry, you won’t be able to purchase what may or may not be Jeremy Lin’s underpants

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Be honest, ladies/gays/straight male Knick fans who've been mysteriously experiencing strange, nocturnal Lin-issions starring a certain strapping Taiwanese-American point guard: if you found out that someone was auctioning off what they claimed to be Jeremy Lin's underwear on eBay, would some small part of you not be like, "That's really creepy and gross, but how much are they again?" The answer, for the record, was $10,000, before the briefs in question were unceremoniously yanked from eBay this afternoon. 

According to the sports blog Sweater Punch, the seller claimed to have procured the magical grey boxer briefs from his brother's friend, who accidentally retrieved them from the dryer while living in Lin's dorm at Harvard. Apparently, the seller got him from his brother's friend for $100 "because he's stupid," although no mention is made of why the individual in question held on to the item for nearly two years after Lin graduated (especially considering the reaction of most male college students upon pulling some other dude's underwear from their laundry basket: shriek, recoil, and then possibly seek medical attention for exposure to toxic elements).

So if you're a Knicks fan ensnared in the cold, vise-like grip of Linsanity, and one of the unfortunate side effects of your condition is blowing outrageous sums of money on items that belong to either Jeremy Lin or some virginal, mouth-breathing Harvard undergrad, you're outta luck, my friend. But never fear: someone just spent $13,800 on an Erie BayHawks jersey that the point guard wore just once, so there will surely be future opportunities to get a piece of Lin for those with disposable Lincome.