Soul’s Godfather lives: James Brown’s Japanese Cup Noodle commercials going viral

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Sad and exhilarating at the same time, two recently-unearthed Japanese Nissin Cup Noodle commercials from 1992, starring Godfather of Soul James Brown (probably trying to earn some future bail money), are going viral, and with good reason. It's terribly beautiful to watch the then-fifty-nine-year-old Brown hawk college-friendly miso-soup-in-a-cup as he gets down to his own "Sex Machine," clad in blindingly-blue finery.

I can only imagine the fright put into young Japanese children watching these commercials at the time, wondering who this old man screaming like an alley cat was. We lost James Brown in 2006, but as these commercials demonstrate, it is literally impossible for anyone to make noodles funkier than the Godfather once made them.