Spanish nun booted from convent for excessive Facebook use

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Sister Maria Jesus Galan, a fifty-four-year-old nun from Toledo, Spain, was unceremoniously given the boot from her convent for spending too much time on Facebook. It's just another example of Mark Zuckerberg's godlike powers, as he converts an actual nun back to a secular woman.

The seed for the eviction was planted ten years ago when the Mother Superior of the Santo Domingo el Real convent in Toledo decided that bringing a computer onto the premises would make the convent even more self-sufficient and hermetic, allowing for online banking and other activities that would mitigate contact with the outside world. But after "Sister Internet," as her fellow nuns called her, won a government prize for scanning texts from the convent library, she developed a following of almost 600 Facebook "friends," which didn't sit well with her fellow nuns. So whether it was cyber-jealousy or the perception of Sister Maria having too much fun, the other convent residents "made life impossible" for Sister Internet.

Sister Maria is now living at her mother's house, and wrote on her Facebook page that she "would like to visit London and New York" because "such things were impossible to even dream when at the convent." She even has fan pages with thousands of supporters urging that she be reinstated into the Dominican order. The convent has refused comment on the matter, likely stewing over their lack of "pokes."