Stephen Colbert’s oil-spill joke tops the list of 10 Most Retweeted Tweets of 2010

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Most popular tweet of 2010

Twitter has just shared the ten most retweeted tweets of 2010. (Say that five times fast.) Most of the collection comes as no surprise. Kanye West's half-hearted, fifteen-character apology to Taylor Swift — "I'm sorry, Taylor." — comes in at number eight.

Justin Bieber talk, as tweeted by Joe Jonas, Rihanna, and the teen hearthrob himself fills out the middle of the list. The number two and three spots are inhabited by Young Money Crew heavy hitters Drake and Lil Wayne. Drizzy waxes philosophical: "We always ignore the ones who adore us, and adore the ones who ignore us." Weezy announces, "Aaaaaaahhhhhhmmmmm baaaaakkkkkkkkkk!" (Could he not fit in "biiiiiitchessss"?)

But before these most retweeted — and therefore, most valued — tweets make you want to get the hell off Twitter, there's hope. The list is bookended by Twitter accounts not run by pop stars. The wisest shitmydadsays tweet ever is at number ten. A funny, but meaningful post-oil-spill tweet from Stephen Colbert comes in at number one. Oh, and that Al Qaeda Twitter account's not real, right?