Study: Online gamers are not actually nerds, allegedly

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A new study says that contrary to the image of online gamers as fat, disgusting, maybe autistic, anti-social slobs who subsist on a diet of Cheetos and Mountain Dew in their parents' basements… uh, they're not. Bigpoint, an online-gaming (hmm) company from Germany, surveyed 6000 users and concluded that:

Gamers are sociable individuals, both online and offline. 62% of the surveyed players said they have more friends in real life. …A total of 28% of the people met most of their friends online but have since gotten to know them in real life. Only a tenth of all gamers said that their only real friends were online gamers. Gamers also like to socialize in their free time. More than half of them — 52% in fact — meet up with their friends regularly each month. A third (34%) even see their friends on a daily basis, though most of these tend to be younger players.

So, potential bias aside, is it actually impressive to see your friends once a month? Would 52% be an impressive figure on that score in any other demographic? My guess is that online gamers are neither as anti-social as pop culture would have it, nor as social as most other people. Most of them are probably not quite as bad as the below. (As a bonus: check out our Sex Advice From World of Warcraft Players.)