Study: your lifestyle can be predicted by which email address domain you use

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A new study by recommendation site suggests your choice of email domain can be very revealing of your lifestyle. Hunch used seventy-five-million responses to questions it asked its 700,000 members to predict specific demographic and personality profiles of Gmail, Yahoo!, AOL and Hotmail/MSN users. The ideal email address is apparently because, according to Hunch marketing V.P. Kelly Ford, "It makes it easier for people to remember your name, plus it's more professional than something that mentions your favorite brand or has a series of numbers."

The data revealed that Gmail users are most likely to be thin, college-educated, tech-savvy young men who are urban, well-traveled, liberal, single and childless.

Moribund Hotmail users are likelier to be single, young, suburban women of average build — possibly still living with their parents — who are pessimistic and introverted, and enjoy reading contemporary fiction and eating sweets, possibly at the same time. (Get out of that funk, Hotmail users!)

Yahoo users tend to be slightly older, overweight, extroverted females with high-school diplomas and several kids who enjoy their electronic devices and lounging around in their PJs reading magazines. (And possibly eating the bon-bons that those Hotmail users seem to enjoy.)

Finally, the dregs of the email-domain universe, those pathetic AOL users, are likely to be even older, overweight, extroverted women with kids who've been in a relationship for more than a decade and haven't traveled much. Ford added that "No one will take you seriously if you're using an archaic domain. AOL probably has the worst reputation among email users for spam, and people can also be suspicious of foreign email addresses coming from Hotmail too, so it's advised to just stick with Gmail." Come on, lazyheads, start rolling with the G-Unit.