Subvert Four Loko bans with this bootleg recipe

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Watching HBO's Boardwalk Empire makes prohibition seem so cool that it almost makes me wish prohibition existed right now. But then I think, "Wait a minute, it kind of already does, provided that drinking Four Loko is your only way of ingesting alcohol!" I think weirdly!

And so does the guy who compiled a very thorough recipe for bootleg Four Loko. This man, known only as Tanner Ringerud, is a New Yorker not looking forward to his city's imminent Four Loko ban, so he decided to do something about it, like a hero would.

Here's his recipe for disaster awesomeness awesome disaster:

There are two accompanying videos below, the first containing instructions, and the second depicting a blind taste test that verifies the recipe's success. Here's your chance to be the Al Capone of your co-op!