Tea Party nominee Christine O’Donnell lives in sin with Christian rock star

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Young Christine O'Donnell

She preaches the evils of masturbation and gay sex, but what is right-wing conservative zealot Christine O'Donnell really about? I ask this because few politicians who speak out against some aspect of sex turn out to be on the level about it. Eliot Spitzer, Mark Foley, even religious leaders like Ted Haggard… these are just some of the hypocrites who attacked sex in their efforts to attain personal power. O'Donnell is no different — and is no saint, either.

She says masturbation is equivalent to committing adultery. She also led a very visible pro-chastity movement… which, her neighbors are now saying, directly contradicts her own lifestyle:

She would lounge on her front porch in her pajamas some weekends, smoking cigars and drinking wine with a girlfriend. …And, neighbors couldn’t help but note, for a candidate who’s been so vocally opposed to any pre-marital sexual activity, O’Donnell had frequent overnight visits from her boyfriend Brent, a Philadelphia lawyer who bought her house just before it went into foreclosure and still owns it to this day.

Most gallingly, in the neighbor’s view, O’Donnell had frequent visitors, “and the walls upstairs are very thin.” [The Daily Beast]

Al Franken and Christine O'Donnell

That's not all. Apparently, she is living… in sin! Worse, her boyfriend is something called "a Christian rocker." Ouch.

Christine O’Donnell seems to be sexually active and now seems to live with her new boyfriend, who is described as “a heavy-set Christian rocker with a pudding-cup beard…" a neighbor says she never showed up at the local Catholic Church until she was running for office. So basically she is a hypocrite on every point of her platform, which according to the media is being against sex and for Jesus. [Wonkette]