The first six minutes of Raiders of the Lost Ark have been stop-motion animated

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Everyone has been celebrating this, the thirtieth anniversary of Steven Spielberg's classic adventure film Raiders of the Lost Ark, in their own way. Some have been re-watching all of the movies with joy in their hearts, before getting about ten minutes into Kingdom of the Crystal Skull and remembering how shitty it was, leading to a dark turn in the night when a DVD-burning black mass takes place in your back yard. Others have been spending most nights sobbing into their pillows, this anniversary being nothing but further proof about the cold, hard march of time and the inevitability of their own deaths. Others, apparently, have been making kick-ass stop-motion tributes.

Animation/set builder Jeff Gurwood spent the last however-it-longs-to-make-this-kind-of-thing carefully recreating the glorious first six minutes of the original Raiders, where Indy does the whole weighing-of-the-sand and the giant boulder comes at him — basically the best sequence in the entire series. Watch it, and relive your childhood once again:

It might not be as insane of an undertaking as those kids in the '80s who re-created a shot-for-shot live action remake of the entire movie, but is it me, or would a whole bunch of people sit through a feature-length version of the stop-motion version above? I certainly would.