The International Church of Jediism gets the Taiwanese animation treatment

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At this point, there's really no other reason for news organizations not based in Taiwan and not named Next Media Animation to exist, is there? Sure, official news outfits like CNN or MSNBC can offer a bit more level-headed reporting, and specialized blogs can provide in-depth coverage and analysis on a specific subject. But as far as cold, hard news-gathering goes, you can pretty much get by simply by heading over to the NMA homepage and hitting refresh.

In their latest outing, NMA gets to have a bit of fun with the International Church of Jediism, a global "grassroots movement" that tries to get people to adhere to the Code of the Jedi. (In short: This means not being a shit, being nice to other people, and apparently eating a ton of Doritos and guzzling down gallons of Mountain Dew.) In order to spread the word about the movement, those who believe in this way of life are urged to fill out "Jedi" as their religious denomination whenever the various census takers come around, being mindful not to step on the Boba Fett figurines (in their original boxes!) or the week-old pizza boxes strewn across the floor.

So far, it seems to be working, as there are reportedly 15,000 official Jedi Knights in the Czech Republic and another 120,000 in New Zealand and Australia. But why am I telling you all this? Why don't I step out of the way and let the professionals do their job?