The Internet has made red, blue the “most powerful colors in the world”

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Red and blue are the most powerful colors in the world, says Internet.

As reported by the British-spelling lovers at ColourLovers — the top destination for those who do not hate color — red and blue have become the most powerful colors in the world

The website came to their conclusion after analyzing the logo imagery of the Internet's top 100 sites. While many sites are relatively monochromatic in their branding — Facebook and Twitter are mostly blue, while ESPN and Nerve love red — it appears that three of the ten top sites (Google, MSN, and eBay) borrow from a wider spectrum of colors. Also performing strongly is purple, that illicit lovechild of red and blue.


Red and blue are among the most powerful colors of the Internet.


Not making the list of power colors were flesh, Prussian blue, Indian red, mulberry, and magic mint, all of which are colors from Crayola that have been either renamed or discontinued.