The Kindle launches new, web-based reader

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Will the Kindle reign of terror ever end? (Kidding — we love the Kindle when it's not accidentally fucking up our books.) Not only is the Amazon Kindle favored over the iPad, the new BlackBerry Playbook, and whatever other new brand-name tablet that crops up within the year when it comes to hardcore e-reading, but now Amazon is launching a beta version of Kindle for the web.

What does that mean exactly? Amazon will allow users to access and read parts of books online (which, has always been a thing, just not offered through Amazon itself). However, whole books aren't available for reading– only chapters or samples from books. If you want to get access to an entire book, you have to purchase it and download it onto your device. So, I guess not much has changed and Amazon has not actually loosened their vice-like grip from content intended to be seen on gadgets. (Buy the Kindle, everyone.)

But hey, now you can do your e-reading on any device that connects to the internet — even your television. Let's see how your mom feels when you're reading Ulysses in front of the TV all day.