The meme that wouldn’t die: listen to “Shit New Yorkers Say”

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Okay, we won't go through the litany of all the preceding "Shit ____ Says" videos, because they're too numerous to count at this point, and you can argue about whether the "Shit Girls Say" ur-video is sexist until the cows mosey on home, but we're moving on. The meme's popularity will fizzle out eventually, but not before someone makes an uber-meta "Shit People Talk About That 'Shit' Meme" video.

It was only a matter of time before we would be watching "Shit New Yorkers Say," and, thanks to the brother-and-sister duo of Eliot and Ilana Glazer, that day has finally arrived. Eliot is a blogger and comedian who created the "It Gets Betterish" web series, while Ilana can boast the same job description, and her web series, "Broad City," was just picked up by FX, and will be turned into a TV series executive-produced by Amy Poehler. It must be said, of course, that the Glazers are by no means speaking for all New Yorkers. It's more like, "Shit the Glazers Say While Having a Go At Their Fellow New Yorkers." But the newspaper-snobbery bit alone makes it worth it.

The video gives the impression that, if little green men were to come to the Big Apple on a fact-finding mission from Mars, they might think that New Yorkers are basically jaded, bagel-loving, Urban Outfitters-shopping lovers of NY1 morning anchor Pat Kiernan, who are so over Law and Order and Sarah Jessica Parker, probably own a Seinfeld DVD box set, and can appreciate a spacious apartment. The Glazers do somewhat redeem the mock-cynicism though, by throwing in an affectionate Manhattan allusion at the end.