The Taiwanese animators take on Megyn Kelly’s pepper spray remark

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Our strange and whimsical friends, the Taiwanese animators of Next Media Animation, have not let us down with their own unique take on Pepper Spraygate, last Friday's unfortunate sit-in confrontation at UC Davis.

Turning the spraying of the notorious chemical compound into a video game, NMA makes reference to Fox eye-candy Megyn Kelly's remarks on Monday's O'Reilly Factor. Kelly had said that pepper spray is a "food product, essentially." And naturally, as we see in the video, it's an essential component of any Sichuan hot pot worth its heat. 

I have to give Kelly and O'Reilly credit though, for giving a fairly even-handed synopsis of the incident. The protesters ("these people") are at least not referred to as "dirty hippies." The Fox commentators, as expected, make it clear that they ultimately side with the police on this one, but the question of reasonable force remains an open one.