Canadian rock band, The Tea Party, gets sick of American conservatives, decides to sell their website

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The Tea Party band

Canada is such an innocent land. It's a country where The Tea Party is better known as a Middle Eastern-inspired rock band (aww, how quaint) and they're tired of being confused for an American political movement one that'd probably consider their music to be terrorist propaganda. The band is so sick of it that they're considering selling their name and website domain,, which could easily fetch over a million dollars. Selling out never seemed so profitable.

Of course, there are extreme political factors to consider. The band would prefer selling out for less to The Daily Show or Colbert, because the comedic possibilities could brilliantly counter whatever it is Michele Bachmann believes. But no matter how much it ultimately goes for, the domain name probably won't bring in as as much as (13 million) or even (3 million), because booze and sex trump politics any day.