The top 50 online passwords from the Gawker Media hack

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top 50 passwords

Last Sunday's hacker dump of Gawker Media's server data yielded many things, including more than 188,000 decoded passwords of registered users. Someone took the time to analyze those passwords, and compile a list of the fifty most-popular Gawker Media passwords.  

What did we learn? People are lazy.   

Yup, good ol' "123456" gets the cigar (with "12345" curiously finishing tenth). The number "0" was the eleventh most popular choice, which, while appealing to those lazy instincts, also is obviously much easier to guess. The thirty-second most common choice was the sneaky mirror play of "654321," while landing at number forty was my choice for most original, "gawker."  

Collectively, what does this cross-section of passwords reveal to us? Not too much, other than a hazy, American nostalgia, tempered by number thirty-eight, "666666." This list represents a Rorschach of our hopes, dreams, grievances, and laziness. I would be interested in hearing which passwords others may find interesting.