The White House rickrolled someone on Twitter yesterday

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We all know that sometimes politics can be boring. (Necessary, but boring.) Gone are the days of actual, physical cane fights on the floor of the Senate, and if you don't know a huge amount about tariffs or subsidization or maritime boundaries, some political debates seem impenetrable. Which is why it's a good thing that the White House invited Twitter users to tweet them questions about the debt ceiling — it may not make everything crystal clear to the questioner, but at least it's more interactive than C-SPAN2.

But here are two truths: one, the White House is obviously going to address mostly easy, benign tweets about this issue, because this is not its first time at the rodeo. Two, sometimes, even the people actually in politics get bored with politics. Which is probably why some aide (or whoever manages the White House Twitter account) decided to rickroll someone yesterday.

First, here's the original tweet, in which the user noted the relatively milquetoast nature of the discussion:

And here is how the White House responded:

You can guess where that link goes:

On the one hand, I'm not pleased with the White House for reminding me of a meme I had thankfully not thought of for months and months. On the other hand, this did make me giggle. And on the third hand (I have three), that aide is now fired. Enjoy the job hunt!