The whole world’s Facebook relationships in one pretty chart

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Facebook relationships chart

A Facebook intern, using a little math and computer science, has created a nifty-looking social graph that visualizes Facebook connections around the globe. It shows where the highest concentration of friendships are (not surprisingly, the U.S.), the lowest (Africa), and displays connecting relationships between thousands of cities in beautiful, Na'vi-blue, fiber optic-y lines.

The intern who created it, Paul Butler, started by employing a sample of ten million friend pairs, correlating them with their respective cities, and then mapping that data using the latitude and longitude of each city. After that, a little technical hocus-pocus that my tiny brain can't understand and, voila! the eye-pleasing map you see here.

Interestingly, most of Russia and Antarctica are invisible, maybe because they're too busy drinking vodka and building igloos to be poking around the net.