The world’s oldest viral video features cats boxing each other

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Cats and internet videos have gone hand-in-hand since Al Gore soldered the last piece of his series-of-tubes in place and flipped the switch to turn on The Matrix. (Or however the internet was invented.) This new phenomenon of "breading" cats you may have heard of? Its lineage can be traced back to Keyboard Cat, which can be traced back to the "I Can Haz" clan, and on and on — a search for the word "cats" on YouTube currently yields nearly a-million-and-a-half-results — a gigantic and ever-sprawling family tree of hilarious feline videos.

But who was the first to film the magic of cats doing odd things?

Making its case: The Boxing Cats, a twenty-second film reel from 1894 featuring two cats in a ring of cuteness duking it out with boxing gloves strapped on. According to the quote from production company Edison Films at the film's IMDB page, the video is:

"A glove contest between trained cats. A very comical and amusing subject, and is sure to create a great laugh."

Indeed it does. So, look back and rejoice with wonder at the fact that our great-grandparents were as insane about cats as we are.