There’s an iPhone app that will let you control your dreams

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While it may seem like people nowadays are on their iPhones so often that they might as well have it soldered onto them like some tech-organic creation from a David Cronenberg movie, there's actually a significant part of each day where users are without their handheld apparatii: when they're asleep. "Well, no more of that!" says Japanese tech company Yumemiru, who have (supposedly) created an app that will allow users to choose what kinds of dreams they want.

The technology works as so: users decide which dream they'd like to enter from a list that includes "walking through a forest," "flying," "becoming rich," or the nebulous "romance" option. The app then waits around until it senses (which, you know, is kind of creepy in itself) when the user enters their dream sleep, triggering the iPhone to play a soundtrack that will (supposedly) influence the user's dreams.

While the app is only currently available in Japanese language, anyone can download it at the App Store and use their powers of perception to figure out how to work it. Just be careful. There's a good chance this whole thing's either (a) a back-door viral campaign for a hot new summer sci-fi flick; or (b) a company that's harvesting the world's dreams in order to power an intergalactic warlord's massive spaceship. Consider yourself warned!