This cross-eyed possum is dominating the internet

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Heidi the possum

Since Knut the baby polar bear had to be an idiot and get older and less cute, the world has been waiting for a new wacky German animal to pay attention to. It looks like the call has been answered by this cross-eyed possum named Heidi, who, from the comfort of her home in the Leipzig Zoo, has amassed over 80,000 Facebook fans and endless YouTube tributes, and will soon be immortalized as a stuffed animal. Experts think her eyes are crossed due to a poor diet early in life, but apparently it doesn't impair her movement at all, and thus only serves to make Heidi adorable. And, since most of us probably didn't get the snow day we were hoping for, I think it's more than okay to take two minutes out of the workday to stare at this footage: