This dude hilariously rapping on the subway might be on crack

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Anyone who uses the subway on a regular basis knows there are some truly spectacular, undiscovered musical talents to be found underground, as well as other individuals who insist on rapping or singing along to their iTunes, to the annoyance or amusement of their fellow passengers.

One such gentleman in the latter camp was recently recorded on a New York City subway car rapping along to Jay-Z and Kanye West's Watch the Throne track, "N****s in Paris," that Horatio Alger story about two rappers who overcame the odds and can now enjoy the good life in the French capital. The tick-tocky tune is a remix magnet, even causing Timbaland to beatbox at a Florida party the other night.

It's hard to tell whether the unidentified man in the purple leather jacket is high, possessed, or just excessively enthusiastic, but we do know a couple things: 1. It's not J.B. Smoove in an outtake from Curb Your Enthusiasm, which I first thought, and 2. He's definitely got some Michael Jackson in that right leg. By the point about halfway through where he says, "Kanye gon' 'bout to rip — here we go, here we go," right before Yeezy's turn on the second verse, he had me.