This guy’s taken a self-portrait every day for the past thirteen years

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I'm a huge sucker for time-lapse videos. It can be the changing of the seasons, or stars in the night sky, or just some chubby white dude in college spending a few years growing out a beard—if it's a time-lapse video, I'll click on it. So when I heard that a guy had taken 4,748 self-portraits, one every day for the past thirteen years, I thought when I clicked on the link I'd see a video of a guy aging over the past decade-plus. Instead, I found a project's that so much greater and more beautiful.

In 1999, as a way to force him out of his bubble, Jeff Harris gave himself the task of coming up with a single self-portrait for every day leading up to the new millennium. But instead of boring shots of a dude sitting alone in his bare apartment, he actually wanted to get outside and shoot him in interesting ways. (As a result, in some of the photos it's actually tough to see where Jeff is, almost like a more artistic version of "Where's Waldo?") But then the year 2000 came, and then it went. 

As projects like this sometimes do, he just decided to keep on doing in a while longer. And then a little longer after that. And a bit more. Until this year-long project turned into a fourteen-year (and counting) life's work. And the results of it are amazing. (That photo collage above, by the way, is all 4,748 photos laid out side-by-side.)

To see the entire project, head over to his site. Or if you just want the Cliff's Notes of the whole thing, check out this short video Jeff posted onto Vimeo a few days ago:

Jeff Harris: 4,748 Self-Portraits and Counting from We Know Music on Vimeo.