Top 10 weirdest Halloween costumes for guys

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Tea Party Halloween costume

Maybe it's due to the state of the economy, but for whatever reason, this year's Halloween costume choices are more desperate, eager-to-please and ridiculous than ever. Today, we present the ten strangest, craziest, and most bizarre of the selections for guys. Guys, do not wear these… except for "irony."

Elton Jon Benet

Speaking of the Tea Party… only a Tea Partier could think Elton Jon Benet Ramsey would be a funny costume idea. (Okay, it's kind of funny.)


Farm boy costume

We don't recommend wearing this costume to a party in redneck country… it looks like it would be difficult to get up after they tip you over.


Pizza delivery boy costume

Is this a tribute to that Patrick Dempsey pizza boy movie or to the pornos this guy's probably seen too many of?


Cell phone Halloween costume

Again, this would be hilarious for a costume party… as long as you're young enough to get away with saying, "I don't even know what this is. Must be a phone from ancient times."


Department of Erections costume

Department of Erections, yuk yuk yuk.



Free Mammograms Halloween costume

There's only a small window in which to get your boobs checked every year…


Tampax tampon Halloween costume

I'm sure these guys got lots of laughs, but who the hell is the guy on the end supposed to be? Corey Feldman?


Vegas Lounge singer

I don't even know what the hell this is supposed to be, but please don't wear this costume, even as a joke.


Angry Banana

This might be more amusing if he were dressed as the inside of the Velvet Underground banana album cover.


Jonah Hex Halloween costume

Apparently, there was a movie called Jonah Hex that came out this year. That's about all we have to say about this one.

BONUS: One we kind of have to like…

Footlong Halloween costume

Get yer footlong wieners, right here…

Photos from The Huffington Post, Crushable, City Pages and other sources. Tomorrow: the 10 weirdest Halloween costumes for the ladies…