Crafty pro-lifers trick Google into linking abortion with murder

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Crafty and pro-life: who thought those two would ever wind up in a sentence together? But it's true, today pro-lifers got clever and spammed Google, so when you Google murder, abortion is the first link to turn up. Really, guys? That's low, even for you. 

It's been a pretty explosive week for reproductive rights: the controversial billboard in NYC which was since been taken down, the internet round-up of the most horrible anti-abortion billboards around the country, this nutcase. I understand that abortion is a hot-button issue, but can't we pretend to discuss it with some dignity? As a woman, I can't remember the last time I felt my human rights were being attacked with this much hatred.

On an entirely different note, I'm mildly impressed by their Google manipulation skills. No easy task, that.