Tumblr and 4chan wage attacks against each other

4Chan, the felonious website devoted to hacking, attacking and bringing down whatever internet domain they damn well please, is angry again. This time they set their sights on Tumblr. What's the offense? Apparently Tumblrs -- a more peaceful breed of web-savvy elite -- spread too many memes that originated on 4chan. Most internet collectives would jump for joy if their meme caught fire on Tumblr, but then again 4chan would have one less thing to be angry about. And Operation Overlord was born.

The great raid was supposed to start at five o'clock today, and right now it's about thirty minutes past and I have yet to see any porn, gore, or hentai (why does it exist) on my dashboard. Operation Overlord, though only in its earliest stages, is off to a slow start.

But Tumblrs aren't just sitting by, making gifs, waiting to get ambushed. They've waged their own plan for attack that's very Tumblr.

One: scoliosis is not a joke. Two: this will only provoke them further. 4chan is usually pretty concentrated with their hate and Tumblr is a total hen house, so the fact that a Tumblr search for "Operation Overlord" reaps no results is telling. For now. We wait for phase two.

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Nov 14 10 - 6:49pm

4chan lost.

Nov 14 10 - 10:18pm

Cancer isn't a joke, either. Why be offended by one and not the other?

Nov 14 10 - 10:28pm

4chan picked cancer to be outrageous and offensive, not as a harmless joke. Tumblr tried to pick one of those diseases that isn't really a disease and is kind of funny (like acne or eczema) but actually picked a serious, life-threatening, immobilizing disease

Nov 14 10 - 11:56pm

Ah, good point.

Nov 15 10 - 3:34am

Morons, the lot of them.

They'll be trying to re-create the organic awesomness that was project chanology for the rest of their lives.

Nov 15 10 - 6:49am

so is the relevance to sex here the fact that no one involved in this controversy has ever had any?

Nov 15 10 - 8:29am

@ kay; probably

@ danit, me; The term cancer on 4chan refers to people who appear to lack brains, even more so than the average channer. It refers mostly to those that give the site it's reputation for idiocy, constantly repost old memes, wallow in the reputation of the site without trying to think of ways to continue it, and dilute the sometimes scary and misdirected combined knowledge of the chans.

@Shannon; thats the cancerous posters, to use chan slang and as refered to already

@lezley; not everything on nerve has to be related to sex, this is just funny.

Nov 15 10 - 10:14am

I already had a couple of new followers on Tumblr this morning. Good to know who what's going on.

Nov 15 10 - 11:12am

Does everything have to be about sex? What about a nice girl for a nice boy who both like oral?

Nov 15 10 - 2:56pm
Synth Break

"[S]coliosis is not a joke."
What if you preface it with the words "...walks into a bar"?

Nov 15 10 - 3:06pm

@ Lurch...sure everything on Nerve is about sex. Durr.

Nov 15 10 - 5:12pm

I think they both need to go outside and enjoy the outdoors...there is more to life than a computer, trust me I know as they run my life as well...although I don't have to come up with some stupid name for myself to try and be cool...I got a life, which these people obviously do not cuz they are wasting their time on this stupid stuff

Nov 15 10 - 5:25pm
Marijuana Medicine E

Everybody needs to calm down and breath deep.... on the bong!

Nov 15 10 - 5:33pm

"The felonious website devoted to hacking," have you even BEEN to 4Chan???

Nov 15 10 - 5:41pm

Thanks to 4chan (and eating balut) nothing freaks me out anymore :)

Nov 15 10 - 5:46pm
Mr Stuff

4chan is gay

Nov 15 10 - 5:54pm
Silly rabbit,

Attacking /b/ with kittens is like attacking Fat Bastard with pork ribs. Where do you think icanhascheezburger came from?

Nov 15 10 - 7:00pm

Kittens don't go against the nature of 4chan. They have a fucking caturday. Christ. These raids were entirely stupid, but I do agree that the people on tumblr need to either learn where the fuck the memes they are posting came from or stop posting them. "LOL look at this dinosaur who talks about philosophy! SO funny! Wow, that penguin does not do well in social situations!" The whole point of 4chan is to be as lulzy and ridiculous as possible and its only claim of substance is that it has no substance. There's a brotherhood and a legacy behind every derp and rage. That is why they felt the need to attack tumblr, that and for the lulz.

Nov 15 10 - 7:39pm
Mark S.

Instead of enjoying the best of their respective sites, they go on bashing on each other. Lame.

Nov 16 10 - 2:29am

You broke the Rulz, you cannot escape.

Nov 16 10 - 10:30am

dumb and dumbr

Nov 16 10 - 10:56am

It wasn't a raid, it was a DDoS attack by a few newfags. Nobody cares, anonymous always come out on top.

Nov 16 10 - 12:36pm

tumblr is obviously for faggots

Nov 16 10 - 12:41pm

Whoever wrote this is a terrible blogger. Seriously.

Nov 16 10 - 1:08pm

Stop all the downloadin'...

Nov 16 10 - 1:58pm


Nov 16 10 - 2:26pm

No way they will beat /b/ they just have more people with way too time on their hands.

Nov 16 10 - 3:52pm

Rules 1 & 2

Nov 16 10 - 4:50pm

I'm pretty sure the "scoliosis is serious business" thing was the author trollin'. It's pretty damn clever of tumblr if you ask me, even if the raid is pretty useless.

Nov 16 10 - 7:02pm

most people on tumblr are on /b/, and vice versa. they are all schizoid, self-hating hipsters

Nov 17 10 - 12:50pm

I went over to check out this "4chan" thing. These "/b/tards" seem to be paedophiles that sit in their parents basement all day "Fapping" to "sauce". I interpret this "sauce" to mostly be cartoon child pornography aka "loli lulz" or ....something.

In short? These kids need a life.I'd tell their parents to go spank the but I think they'd probably like it. So, just unplug their idiot-boxes and be a better parent.

PS: If you're over the age of 18 and go to that site you are a COMPLETR loser of "epic
" proportions. Please get a girlfriend and stop molesting drawn children.

Nov 17 10 - 12:53pm

"COMPLETRRR"* ( Their "werd"; not mine)

Nov 17 10 - 2:37pm
Sprechen Sie


Nov 17 10 - 2:38pm

Yes, quite a derp indeed.

Nov 17 10 - 2:39pm

Scoliosis walks into a bar...
and out walks Yo-Yo Ma.

Nov 17 10 - 4:30pm

Noone here knows that they are just trying to increase traffic to each others' sites?
/sigh kids

Nov 18 10 - 8:30am

These both were probably made by the same person.

Nov 19 10 - 1:21am
Augustus Matterhorn

nice try Tumblr...but you forgot one thing: /b/ loves cats!!!!!

Nov 28 10 - 6:21am

I think that 4chan started all of this just because Tumblr is becoming more popular while they are becoming more irrelevant every day. They just needed a new stunt to bring in more traffic. It's actually not a bad plan.

Aug 22 11 - 4:04pm

guess they failed... kittens were cool

Sep 15 11 - 2:12pm

I got another follower yesterday and reported their ass till their account was shut the hell down. I knew it was a raid....just like last time.