Tumblr and 4chan wage attacks against each other

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4Chan, the felonious website devoted to hacking, attacking and bringing down whatever internet domain they damn well please, is angry again. This time they set their sights on Tumblr. What's the offense? Apparently Tumblrs — a more peaceful breed of web-savvy elite — spread too many memes that originated on 4chan. Most internet collectives would jump for joy if their meme caught fire on Tumblr, but then again 4chan would have one less thing to be angry about. And Operation Overlord was born.

The great raid was supposed to start at five o'clock today, and right now it's about thirty minutes past and I have yet to see any porn, gore, or hentai (why does it exist) on my dashboard. Operation Overlord, though only in its earliest stages, is off to a slow start.

But Tumblrs aren't just sitting by, making gifs, waiting to get ambushed. They've waged their own plan for attack that's very Tumblr.

One: scoliosis is not a joke. Two: this will only provoke them further. 4chan is usually pretty concentrated with their hate and Tumblr is a total hen house, so the fact that a Tumblr search for "Operation Overlord" reaps no results is telling. For now. We wait for phase two.