Twitter to be used in worldwide manhunt game

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Twitter will soon be used to hunt the world's deadliest game: grizzly bears with chainsaws man. The U.S. Embassy, Institute for International Education, and Department of State have joined forces with the social-media site in a worldwide simulated manhunt. Five cities in four countries will participate in the big game of hide-and-seek as players are encouraged to take on the role of bounty hunter for the promise of a $5,000 prize. 

The game works like this: mug-shots of fictional jewel thieves are released online March 30th. Then you, along with your gang of goons, scour your city in hopes of finding the faux-thieves (who will be wearing t-shirts with the game's logo), then you take their picture, upload it to Twitter, tag it, and profit. The official website for the Tag Challenge explains that the event is conducted in the spirit of fun and curiosity, even though their backers are organizations that will throw your ass in an island-prison in the South Pacific for uttering the word "bomb."

Tag Challenge will use the results to find out how useful social media is for vigilante man-hunting tactics. I acknowledge that as a reflection of our increasingly Orwellian world, this is pretty disturbing, but in the meantime, I'm doing everything in my power to win this game. This includes — but is not limited to — giant nets, crossbows, poisonous darts, laser-guided killer pigeons, specially trained robotic insects, quick-expanding delicious foam, crossbows that shoot smaller crossbows, and good old fashioned knife-guns. The. Hunt. Is. On.