Twitter visualization charts the moods of the United States

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A group of scientists analyzed over 300 million tweets over three years to determine the "mood" of each tweet (meaning "sad or happy", basically) in order to get a rough sketch of how different parts of the country feel at different times of the day. Once the data was compiled, they created this awesome visualization that shows both the volume of tweets from and the overall mood of each state (red is sad, green is happy):

Four important things to learn from this:

– Californians tweet a lot.

– Californians are always happy.

– New Yorkers tweet very little.

– New Yorkers are never happy.

Seriously! Not to reinforce geographical stereotypes or anything, but maybe we should all just move to Cali? Because the only time we got out of the red was at five o’clock or so, which is probably when we all got to leave work and head to a bar, which is sad.

Via Mashable.