1987 sitcom predicts Moammar Gadaffi’s death

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Even though Moammar Gadaffi has been deceased for less than 24 hours, that was ample enough time for bloggers to scour the Internet for cheesy '80s sitcoms that made oblique predictions for the former Libyan dictator's date of death. Fortunately, we didn't have to wait long, as Mediaite has posted a clip from the pilot of 1987 Fox sitcom Second Chance (starring a young, significantly less snarky Matthew Perry), which correctly predicted the year of Gadaffi's death

In the first moments of the pilot, a deceased man (played by actor Kiel Martin), who dies in a hovercraft accident (!), is sent up to St. Peter's sexy celestial loft office, where just before his arrival, Col. Moammar Gadaffi has been condemned to an eternity in hell, to thunderous audience applause. Although the date on screen reads "July 29, 2011," the year of Gadaffi's death must have been one of the few things that the writers got right, as the show was canceled after just one season. You'll see why immediately – check the clip out below.