Watch: A collection of early clips attempting to explain the internet

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I am sorry, people from the early '90s. Take comfort in the fact that I will be in your shoes one day, when someone finds out I couldn't quite grasp what Foursquare was. (No need to explain it to me in the comments; I understand the mechanics, I just don't get it.)

All in all, this montage of early clips from news stories and instructional videos about the internet isn't as bad as it could be — probably because most of these people at least tried to educate themselves before talking on film. (I'm giving you the judgmental side-eye, Katie Couric and Bryant Gumbel.) But the surfing puns are unforgivable:

And while a lot may have changed online since these clips aired, I want to go back in time and assure that one guy that he will always be able to indulge his passion for all things Thai, as long as he means porn.