Watch: A cute girl’s song about everything that’s wrong with Facebook

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Admit it: it was the "cute girl" part that got you to click on this post, wasn't it? I don't blame you: at this point, we all know the things that are wrong with Facebook. (The most wrong thing? We can't give it up. Well, that or Farmville.) But Lynnea Malley, who wrote this folksy tune, really nails the way we feel about the social-networking monster. Plus, she does a damn good impression of the old Facebook chat noise. (You know, the *pop* sound that was replaced by the *doot-doot* sound.)

And Lynnea, if you think completing your classes and graduating from college is hard when you have Facebook to distract you, wait until you have a job. Not only will you look at it all the time, but you'll have to try to hide all those pictures of yourself passed out drunk in a bouncy castle from your boss. Uh, not that I would know.

Side note: I cannot get over how much this girl looks like Clarissa Explains It All-era Melissa Joan Hart.