Watch: A surprisingly great X-Men themed version of “Born This Way”

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Lady Gaga is not everyone's cup of tea, and I know this. But "Born This Way" is more or less a remake of "Express Yourself," and Madonna's work from the late '80s is pretty solid. Which is why this X-Men themed cover of "Born This Way" — starring a guy in a Magneto costume who may just need to be my husband — is worth your while:

A pretty good reinterpretation, right? Of course, it's possible that mixing comic-book geekiness with mainstream pop music is easiest way to get to my heart. (Who wants to write a Doctor Who version of "Tik Tok"? …No one?) But as someone who's seen X-Men: First Class and loved it, let me assure you: January Jones' diamond breasts are worth singing about.