Watch: Adorable Super Mario-inspired marriage proposal

I'm normally the kind of cynic who rolls her eyes at gimmicky marriage proposals. But there's something about the strict attention to detail in this one that begs to be admired. Anyone who replicates Mario's pastoral world on his living-room walls deserves to find his princess. Turns out she was in his castle all along. Also note the background music and light-up fireworks. 

It'd be interesting to see other video-game landscapes translated into romantic settings. I'm thinking Donkey Kong Country and Pac-Man's dot-and-fruit-littered world. Though somehow I don't think Grand Theft Auto's urban wastelands would fit that bill. Unless, of course, you looted the ring.

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Commentarium (11 Comments)

Apr 22 11 - 11:26am

something tells me my mortal kombat proposal won't be quite as cute.

Apr 22 11 - 11:33am

My Grand Theft Auto IV proposal went over surprisingly well.

Apr 23 11 - 1:55pm


Apr 22 11 - 12:09pm

this is what straight white people are like?

Apr 22 11 - 4:56pm
gyp the blood

not across the board-some of us still half-ass our proposals the good ol' fashioned way.

Apr 23 11 - 9:23am

I'm sorry but that was corny as hell.

Apr 23 11 - 8:19pm
Don Willin

That Was Beautiful and He didnt have to fight the shy ghost or anything............Bastard

Apr 23 11 - 8:23pm

My Modern Warfare 2 proposal has been a thorough and absolute failure

Apr 23 11 - 9:48pm

She said yes - ergo: awesome proposal.

Apr 26 11 - 2:04am

why you gotta get all racial and sexual about a touching moment? Have you no heart?

Jun 16 11 - 4:54am

The details were freaking exact. I'm impressed!