Alec Baldwin and John Krasinski set fire to Red Sox tickets, my heart, in new ad

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John Krasinski and Alex Baldwin. They go together like plaid and Williamsburg, like Sunday afternoons and porn, like chocolate and vanilla! The two have teamed up for a new set of New Era ads, in which they sell hats and argue with each other about baseball. In the process, they've reminded me why I love them both so much.

Yeah, they're essentially selling out to a hat company, but does it matter? They're so fly when they do it. Plus, they're both really stretching themselves as actors, playing… themselves and Red Sox and Yankees fans, respectively. They trash talk, set Red Sox tickets on fire, rip your clothes off and push you again the wall while you half-heartedly defend yourself…. oh, sorry, what? Go Blue Jays!

In the video, Baldwin dares to burn Red Sox home-game tickets, in the process setting his million-dollar penthouse on the Upper West Side on fire. In the end he's forced to move into Krasinski's humble, Emily Blunt-less abode afterwards, the way it should be. 

It's most worth-watching ad of the day: