Watch: Alex Trebek announces a college football game

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You don't have to be a sports fan to appreciate this one: can you imagine Alex Trebek as a college football announcer? Me neither. But Ty Hildenbrandt and Dan Rubenstein at The Solid Verbal could, and did, taking the time (which I never understand, but thoroughly enjoy) to sync up Trebek sound bites from Jeopardy with footage from a 2010 Stanford-Oregon game, which even Trebek arch-nemesis Sean Connery might appreciate.

The end result sounds like Trebek crossed with IBM's Watson, so robotic is the effect. You'll never hear more dispassionate touchdown calls, although the "yahoo! yes"  betrays a hint of emotion. Trebek quoting Proust as the Oregon coach gives the ref an earful may recall Dennis Miller's brief stint in the Monday Night Football booth. You also get a "Ring of Fire" reference, and a very apropos allusion to Footloose as the Oregon running back makes an open-field run. And Trebek even says "Davis" as Oregon's DJ Davis makes a touchdown catch. What's next, Wink Martindale calling a horse race?