Watch: An excellent “Not in Kansas anymore” supercut

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We've seen a lot of supercuts in the past few years, from "You look like shit" to "We've got company," and it makes us wonder just what it is about our fondness for cliches that becomes hilarious instead of kind of sad when we can watch them for five minutes straight. Now, Rich from Four Four — a master of the genre if ever there was one — has just come out with this "Not in Kansas anymore" supercut, and while it highlights a slight tendency towards lazy (or maybe I should say "easy") writing in some cases, at least it's a quote from a great movie. That's got to count for something, right?

Well, it might, if anyone could actually get the damn thing right. Watch and be amazed at the many different ways to get this famous line wrong:

Is it really that hard to remember? (And if you're curious, you can head over to Four Four to get a full list of all the movies and TV shows included in the clip.)