Watch: An iPhone in outer space (really)

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Planets in outer space.

Forget going to baseball games or competing in three-legged races; those are the father-son activities of yore. Yawn! These days, all the cool families are sending iPhones into space, capturing footage of our planet from above, and retrieving the makeshift spacecraft in order to upload the video onto Vimeo.

Or at least they are in Brooklyn (of course). Luke Geissbuhler and his son sent an iPhone 4 nineteen miles (100,000 feet) into the heavens using only a takeout box, a weather balloon, and a lot of calculation. A camera recorded the iPhone's journey, which included images of outer space, as well as of Earth. When the balloon burst, its contents fell to terra firma roughly thirty miles from New York. The two were able to pinpoint the package's location using the iPhone's GPS.