Watch: Anti-gay group complains that people call them mean things on the internet

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The internet, much like a lot of anti-gay groups, can be a breeding ground for hate. So it's a little ironic to see the fine, Christian folks over at Focus on the Family complain about the nasty remarks people make about them, when they themselves make a living espousing intolerance. The above video is sadly not a parody. Watch as they defend hatred and mock those who most adamantly disagree with them with a bizarrely tongue-in-cheek attitude.

Focus on the Family totally gets where the haters are coming from, because some of their members used to be them. They also used to be orphans, alcoholics, and gay too, but not anymore! Because they were saved by the power of redemption, a concept I think they're confusing with bigotry. Also there's a blooper reel, proving Christian fundamentalists definitely know how to bring the LOLs, Unintentionally, of course.