Watch: “Deuce,” a strange but captivating claymation video about dating

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Monica Cook created the video, which follows two claymation puppets, a man and a woman, on what appears to be a first date. (I say "appears" because there's no dialogue, but I could be wrong.) According to the description of video, apparently written by Cook herself, the short clip "portrays an awkward encounter between a man and a woman that triggers their individual fantasies." There is certainly some awkwardness.

Depending on your taste in animation, you might find this quite beautiful or kind of gross. Also, I will warn you all that there may or may not be a scene of one of these claymation puppets giving birth. (No, there definitely is.) Mildly NSFW, depending on your work:

I have to say that while I expected the guy's fantasy to be more sexual in nature to contrast with the woman's more baby-focused one, I was not anticipating he would turn into a Michael Jackson werewolf.