Watch: drunk priest gives rambling jailhouse sermon

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Earlier this week, an Ohio priest, Reverend Ignatius Kury, thirty-five, of Akron's Holy Ghost Ukrainian Byzantine Catholic Church apparently had a bit too much sacramental wine because he was arrested with a blood alcohol content three times the legal limit. He was handcuffed to a holding-cell wall because, according to police, he wanted to run around the station. He proceeded to go off on a twenty-three-minute, stream-of-unconsciousness tangent covering topics that ran the gamut from Libya, Oprah, Johnny Weir, Sarah Palin, to his jailer's eyebrows.

It was explained that holding-cell occupants aren't usually videotaped, but the good reverend was exposing himself and making such a ruckus that police felt compelled to make an exception in this case. Looks like Father Iggy will have to find a new parish after this little episode, and one where they don't have computer access.