Watch: Eminem meets Mittens in “Will the Real Mitt Romney Please Stand Up?”

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Mitt Romney

Even when Mitt Romney was a wayward teenager, tasting beer and taking a single drag off a cigarette, I doubt in his wildest dreams he imagined he'd eventually be rapping the lines, "Y'all act like you've haven't seen a Mormon before" on YouTube. But that day has come, and it is a glorious day indeed.

Of course, it's not really Romney rapping, but this masterful cut almost makes you think it is. A genius by the name of Hugh Atkin has spliced together Mittens' speeches into a political rap that not only hilariously parodies Romney, but also rhymes. Sample couplet? "I love cars, I love lakes / I'm running for office, for Pete's sake." Better yet, there's an extended portion where he repeats, "My dog is on the roof" before segueing into the Baha Men classic "Who Let the Dogs Out?" Best yet, the chorus of "Real Slim Shady" is taken to a whole new level when you have Obama asking the real Mitt Romney to please stand up, and Romney replying that he's the real Romney and "all the other Romneys are just masturbating."

If Romney wants to prove to people he's a cool guy and not a rich android, he might want to consider playing this on loop on a screen at campaign stops, while he silently nods in front of it. After all, we're still waiting on a musical rebuttal to Obama's "Sweet Home Chicago."