Watch: Facebook offline gets decidedly creepy

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There are a handful of moments in your life that make you realize how much we share about ourselves with new technology: when a prospective employer looks at your Facebook profile, for instance, or when your friends cruelly mock your sadly not private high-school LiveJournal, or when you run into a guy you chatted with on a gay-hookup app on your iPhone at your local bodega. (Last one never happened, Mom!) (Also, stop texting me, Craig.) Another moment could be this video, in which an Australian duo asks people on the street to divulge all the info they happily give away on the social-networking site. It surely makes you rethink your choices a bit:

And here's the other thing: I don't want to be down on Australians right now, because I was really glib about that whole "planking" thing last week and then a guy died. (Please don't die, Australian people.) (Which must be hard, because almost literally all of your animals want to/can kill you.) But: only one in three of you are on Facebook? I'm sure you can do better.