Watch former Sheen goddess Bree Olson’s odd “Naked for Kony 2012” video

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Bree Olson (a.k.a. Rachel Oberlin), former Charlie Sheen goddess and veteran of over 230 adult movies, announced last summer that she would be making a foray into more mainstream cinema, a la Traci Lords and Sasha Grey. If a new video shot by Olson, called "Naked for Kony 2012", is representative of her new career, then her future prospects aren't very rosy. 

Inspired by Invisible Children's "Kony 2012" viral video, which highlighted the crimes of former Ugandan military leader and now fugitive Joseph Kony, Olson's video shows her writhing on a California beach in a bikini, striking sexy poses in L.A.'s Little Tokyo district, and smearing herself with mud. She juxtaposes fairly ridiculous, scantily-clad glimpses of herself with images of Kony and his child soldiers, explaining, "I put the two together because I know a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down."

The recent nude public meltdown of Invisible Children co-founder Jason Russell may have rubbed off on Olson, although the latter's not actually naked in her video. It's been speculated that Russell's drunken breakdown was the result of a critical backlash accusing him of using his viral video as a fundraising tool for his Christian organization. Olson defended the charity from doubters, saying, "If you're against learning more about the world around you, even if that education comes from a video made by a charity that's flashier than most, you're missing the point." So there you have it: Bree Olson, mainstream actress.