Watch: Fox News news ticker hacked

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YouTube user hiropro999 is claiming responsibility for hacking into the Fox News news ticker outside the News Corporation building in New York on Sunday night. His video was uploaded on Monday, and hiropro999 writes, "Americans have a right to know their pockets are being fleeced by corporations and tax breaks for the ultra-wealthy and we can no longer tolerate the deceit FoxNews is perpetuating."

The reputed hacker states that he/she has no affiliation with Anonymous, and is not connected to any of the recent attacks on the PSN, PBS, Nasdaq, or So-net. The hacker's brief message included such statements as "THE COUNTRY IS NOT BROKE" and "WE ARE BEING LIED TO." The whole video could be a hoax of course, but it appears to be real.  And while only a few people would have seen the hack in real time, YouTube is once again enabling a piece of mischief to spread like wildfire, to Roger Ailes' chagrin.