Watch: Guy asks the Westboro Baptist Church why they don’t just kill gays

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Westboro Baptist Church Dave Sirus

Comedian Dave Sirus, better known as reporter Brick Stone (you think that would be a clue that he's not for real) is back at it, again bothering the Westboro Baptist Chuch for internet video hilarity. Why these people keep letting him bother them at event after event… why they keep letting him ask them obnoxious questions while they're supposed to be yelling hateful idiocy is beyond my understanding. But he succeeds — and his videos, while not always effective at shutting down the WBC, at least offer the pleasurable sight of watching them squirm. I'll watch anything that takes the air out of my own hatred for these devils.

I love that the guy doesn't even question the fact that someone could be revealed as a "26-year-old lesbian." I even love the hermaphrodite question — although the lady mildly owned him on it, since it's often difficult to argue with "if it feels wrong, don't do it."

Enjoy Brick Stone at the WBC's protest of the gay-friendly church: