Watch: Hacker group Anonymous says it’ll shut down Facebook on November 5th

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Better get your poking and lyrical status updates in now. Anonymous, fresh off of hacking the Syrian Ministry of Defense's website, have announced their plan to take down Facebook, citing the way the social network has dealt with privacy issues and selling of personal information as the main problem. The takedown is said to happen November 5th, a very important date for Guy Fawkes wannabes.

"Facebook knows more about you than your family", the voice in the video claims. And that's probably pretty accurate. But, the real question is, what would actually happen if the site crashed?  

It would start with the usual mass chaos and hysteria, sure, but after that initial shock, would a Facebook-less existence really be that bad?  I imagine life would truly begin. It would be like that second season episode of The Simpsons where the kids aren't allowed to watch Itchy and Scratchy anymore, so they have to go outside and discover how to play and interact with.. you know… each other. It could be like that; everyone would be free at last from the shackles of internet identities! Or they'll just use Twitter more, I don't know.

Anyway, it almost certainly won't happen. While the Anonymous crew was having its weekly screening of V for Vendetta this weekend, I re-watched The Social Network. And I have to say, in a battle of nerds, no hacker group — no matter how big and omnipresent — can possibly stack up to Mark Zuckerberg's nerd rage.