Watch: Hitler isn’t thrilled with the Lou Reed-Metallica collaboration

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Who knew Hitler cared so much about Metallica? For the last several years, a popular mash-up meme has seen YouTubers circulating hundreds of videos of pretend Hitlers ranting about pop-cultural developments that don't agree with der Fuhrer's sensibilities. Most of the Hitler parodies use a recycled clip from the 2004 Oscar-nominated foreign film Downfall (or, Der Untergang in German), featuring a melodramatic Bruno Ganz as the slow-boiling Hitler, fulminating against, for example, the heresy of Brett Favre playing for the Vikings, or the Twilight movie.

In the most recent video, the nervousness of Hitler's minions is palpable as they must break the news to the Nazi leader that Lou Reed has collaborated with his beloved Metallica, a blow almost as devastating as the time Hitler's Xbox Live account had been terminated, with the attendant loss of gamerscore and Microsoft points. I'll take these very specific "Hitler reacts" parodies over the broader Mel Brooks "Springtime for Hitler" and "Hitler on Ice" parodies anyday.

With the insertion of a few anachronistic English subtitles, a deadly serious dramatic scene is turned inside out for our amusement, and there is no limit to our appetite for revenge-mockery when it comes to the failed artist. But with regard to "Loutallica," Hitler's right about one thing: no one ever listened to Master of Puppets and said, "Awesome, but no Lou Reed?"