Watch: Jason Alexander seeks aid for the victims of the Netflix price hike

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In a new Funny or Die video that Christian Lander of Stuff White People Like could appreciate, Jason Alexander acts as celebrity spokesbeggar for the "Netflix Relief Fund," explaining that the new Netflix price hike is the greatest tragedy of 2011 thus far. Evoking those starving-children infomercials, the former Seinfeld star conveys the extent of the havoc wreaked upon shell-shocked Caucasians everywhere.

Six dollars a month is truly a small price to pay if it can prevent a price-hike-induced suicide, or bring a smile to the face of a Jason Statham hitman-movie completist. The vision of tear-soaked Macbook Pros and Pier 1 throw pillows is almost as sad as that one scene in The Champ. Or having to abase yourself by frequenting a mom-and-pop video store.